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09 Jan / 2011
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IMG_1741 Congratulations to Pekka & Jari from Finland (both left in the photo) who did their Divemaster course with us, they are our first DM’s of 2011. They did the DM course over 3weeks, they said it was hard work but great fun, and they are now spending a week in Lembeh doing some fun diving. Good luck with your careers in diving guys!

Also congratulations to Peng from Singapore, our first Master Scuba Diver of 2011 (right in photo). He completed our Master Scuba Diver challenge by doing his Rescue course and 5 speciality courses – he chose Night Diver, Navigation, Search & Recovery, Nitrox and Deep speciality courses.

All three of them passed their snorkel tests the other night and are therefore fully qualified to administer to other DM’s and MSD’s!

Thanks for spending XMas & New Year with us as well!

01 Dec / 2010
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nick&zina Yesterday we said goodbye to our Divemaster Interns, Nick & Zina. They were with us for 7 weeks doing their internships that consisted of Rescue courses in Bunaken, specialities courses in Lembeh (wreck, deep, night, nitrox and search & recovery), and divemaster courses in Bunaken.

We gave them our traditional DM send-off on the last night – the dreaded snorkel-test where they have to drink beer through a snorkel whilst demonstrating a skill. Hard to do but VERY funny to watch!! Zina even got Jan involved, he is our new DM internship and it will be his turn in 4 weeks!!

During their stay with us they spent alot of time helping with other courses as part of their internship, and we will miss them. Thanks also for all your help & hard work, and good luck with your instructor courses in Jan!




10 Nov / 2010
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klaus Please find my story about diving in Indonesia on my homepage, Tauchen-Mit-Klaus.

Unfortunately its in German language. It contains also underwaterfotos taken during my stay on Bunaken and Lembeh.

Best regards,

22 Oct / 2010
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Luke & Meagan This week we said goodbye to Luke & Meagan. They were with us initially for 6weeks for their DM Internship, then they decided to extend by another 1-2 months to do their Instructor Internship (this included their Instructor Development Course, IDC).

Thanks for all your help guys (with guests, courses, diving, etc) and good luck with your diving careers!

18 Oct / 2010
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_A055098 Our guests had a treat last  week when we one of our dive guides found a blue-ring octopus. These guys are only 3-4 cm long and are normally the colour of rock/sand so are very hard top spot.

Their blue-rings are only shown when they are agitated, they show them as a warning to keep away. Naturally everyone stays away – they may be small by their venom is lethal. If they bit you then you have about 2mins to live which is not promising if you are 20m down on a dive! There is no anti-venom and, despite their small size, it is thought that they can carry enough venom to kill 26 adult humans within minutes. Wow!


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