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02 Nov / 2010
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We love Night Dives here at Two Fish Divers Lembeh and we were eager to go out and see what was hiding out on our house reef. Usually we go out around 6pm for night dives but we decided to see what comes out to play later on. Giant Nudi

After allowing our dinner to settle, we kitted up and walked into the house reef with our torches on and submerged ourselves into the darkness.

We headed straight down to the area where we have started to develop an artificial reef ( how to come on this soon!) to see what hangs around there later at night. We came across a huge Spanish Dancer which most have been at least 40-50cm long and at least 15cm wide!! It was so large, Bent (one of the guests who decided to come with us!) couldn’t get the whole thing into one picture! We were out there again the night before last and we are glad to say that this huge beauty is still hanging around out there.

We also saw plenty of Cleaner Shrimps, Boxer Shrimp and Commensal shrimp as well as different types of crabs, squid, moray eels and a large Banded Snake Eel what was out of his hole hunting!

More good news is that we have seen mating Manadarinfish again in the stag horn corals on our house reef. It

If anyone has any photos of some of the cool critters that they saw on a night dive here in Lembeh, then please send it through to us @ helen@twofishdivers.com and we get it posted for everyone to see!

28 Jun / 2010
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Everyone thinks that we have it really easy living here in Lembeh but we wanted to share with you all the hard work that been going into building an artificial reef on our House Reef!!  Follow this link to see all the photos http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=4179322291&ref=ts#!/album.php?aid=181830&id=7507694316 but there is a taster of some of them below!

There is still a long way to go but we are getting there. We are currently in the process of planning and building our next structures so we’ll keep you informed!

The good news is it does seem to be working. Lots of shrimps (including a couple of Coral Banded Boxer Shrimps), pipefish and juvenile fish have moved in.

If you have any suggestions with regards to structures for the house reef then please email us @ helen@twofishdivers.com .

19 Jun / 2010
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In a previous blog you saw that we were busy building a home for fish on our house reef to live in. Recently we had a quiet afternoon, so we rounded up the staff to pitch in Picture 014and help get the structure into the water, which they gladly did! We (well Opo and Gizmo) had decided to build quite a large house and so it was all hands on deck to get it onto the boat – as you can see from the looks on all of the guys’ faces!! Helen was there giving ‘help’ from behind the camera!!

Picture 003

Once the house was on the boat, Gizmo, Opo, Franz and Steven headed underwater so that they could locate the spot we had picked out for the house. Once they had sent up a SMB ( Surface Marker Buoy for those of you that weren’t sure what that meant!), Hendro, Yusuf and Billy started to slowly and carefully lower the fish house in with a rope.

Picture 020

As you can see we had positioned one of the guides ( Steven) to help guide the house on its way down and it safely was put into position by the guides as you can see in the pictures below. Gizmo was there helping out and making sure we got some pictures of the big moment!).

Picture 024

We are regularly going to check on the structures and are happy to report that they are taking well. We’ll get some pictures up soon!

It really was a group effort with all of the staff getting involved to help and we wouldn’t have been able to do it without the guys.

07 Jun / 2010
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Builiding Fish Homes! 5-15-2010 2-45-39 PM 5-15-2010 2-46-06 PM

So after the successful ‘planting’ of the cleaning stations, we started on the next phase of our artificial reef – building of fish houses.  We chose a nice sunny day and grabbed our mound of bricks and started to design the ‘main’ fish house. We use traditional batako ( bricks) for the bottom and top layer of the house – this gives the house a decent weight so that it stays in position in the water. By using the ‘holey bricks’, we have created hide-outs for shrimps and little fish to live in.

Builiding Fish Homes! 5-15-2010 2-45-39 PM 5-15-2010 4-10-26 PM


As you can see from the photos Gizmo and Opo worked hard cementing all the bricks together and after just an hour or so (and a couple of disagreements!) you could really see the house starting to take shape.


Builiding Fish Homes! 5-15-2010 2-45-39 PM 5-24-2010 2-34-42 PM

Finally after a bit more hard graft and then a few days of allow the cement to fully dry,  the finished article ( below) is ready to go into the water. Once the structure is in place we are also going to attached rope with small floats onto the houses to add extra height and also provide more surface area for algae, sponge and coral to attach onto and grow on. Keep an eye out for the next blog detailing the hard work of getting this structure into the water – that will definitely be a team effort!!





31 May / 2010
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Putting in the Cleaning Stations 3240x4320-3

In one of our previous blogs you saw us building the first structures for our House Reef (we are going to think of a proper name for it soon – send any suggestions to helen@twofishdivers.com) and finally we have had the time and resources (lift bags and spare dive guides!) to get them into place out the front of the resort.

It was a group effort by Gizmo, Helen, Steven and Opo to get them onto the speedboat, into the water and then using the lift bags lowering them slowly and  carefully get into place. We had previously chosen an area that we thought would be perfect for laying down the items that we had developed for the artificial reef – sandy/rubble bottom that is pretty flat and also has some existing topography surrounding it so different marine life is already attracted to the area. It was quite hard work, ensuring that they were placed in the best positions possible but we have managed to secure them into position. We plan to check on them regularly to see what life has moved in and will report back what we find!!

Putting in the Cleaning Stations 3240x4320

We are always open to suggestions here at Two Fish, so please let us know if you have any ideas for ‘things’ we can put into our house reef in order to try and attract some new critters and create a nice habitat for the existing ones!!


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