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22 May / 2014
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New Dive Centre Two Fish Divers Lembeh

Our new sea-front dive center!

We are very excited to present our brand new dive centre in Lembeh!  Our new, larger dive centre was started in late October 2013 and completed in January 2014, with some final touches added in April 2014!
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09 May / 2014
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THIS WEEK IN LEMBEH…  We found a Sargassum Frogfish at Hairball hiding in a piece of trash!  Normally these are found floating with seagrass just under the surface and we often see them from the shore at the resort when cleaning up surface debris, so this was an unusual to find one completely underwater!
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30 Apr / 2014

Every year on April 22, over a billion people in 190 countries take action for Earth Day, and here at Two Fish Divers we decided to do have TRIPLE WHAMMY EARTH-DAY ACTIVITES! This meant collecting rubbish from the beaches and the sea around all three of our resorts across Indonesia at the same time, our small contribution to inspiring awareness and appreciation for the Earth’s natural environment.

Two Fish Bunaken Snk COTsBUNAKENOn Earth-Day we planned a clean up of the Crown of Thorns-Starfish at one dive site in Bunaken. The COTs feed on hard coral and their polyps and an adult sea star can destroy about 6 square meters of living reef per year.
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05 Apr / 2014
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Lisa Divemaster TraineeHi, my name is Lisa and I’m one of the new DMTs at Two Fish. I started my 4 week internship about a week ago right after I finished my rescue course in Bunaken. That was really great cause I already knew the staff and some of the daily business. So it was quite easy to get in my role as a DMT, and all the people around me were ready to help if I had a question.
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22 Aug / 2013
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Bas Divemaster TraineeAfter stepping on the boat and saying goodbye to Bunaken, I started my little trip towards Lembeh.

After a short boat ride and a two hour drive by car I arrived at the harbour. Where i could see the boat that was to pick me up in the distance. In my imagination was the distance to Lembeh much greater but it took around 10 minutes to get from the one side to the other. 
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