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15 Jul / 2015
Author: Bryce Tags: , , Comments: 2

Molas in Lembongan Waters

This week in Lembongan… The molas have ventured from the deep to entertain are divers but not just at one dive site and not just the divers from one boat. 2 dive boats, 2 different ends of the island, 2 different dives and 3 molas in total.
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20 May / 2015
Author: Bryce Tags: , , Comments: 5

Mola Mola At Crystal Bay In NUsa LembonganThis week in Lembongan… They seem to be here already – Molas in Crystal Bay. The quite cold upwellings (18°C) in Crystal Bay have brought the Mola to shallower parts of the ocean where our divers could witness them being cleaned.
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03 Jul / 2014
Author: Bryce Tags: , , Comments: 1

Mola molas prematurely tease their presentsThis week in Lembongan…. . Still with a month before the start of the so called Mola Mola season, the Mola Molas prematurely tease their presents. Two sightings, two different dive sites, on the same day!


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18 Dec / 2013
Author: matt_twofish Tags: , , , , , , Comments: 0

Just two days ago, really only a day and a half out of the water, Sara and I took our final exam’s and turned in our final projects for our Dive Master program. It is hard to believe that we are finished. 
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18 Sep / 2013
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Luc Divemaster TraineeHonestly, When people decide to do their DMT, first thought is: “Cool, I’ll do a lot of Fun Dives, and for free!”. Well… 
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