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24 Jul / 2010
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We regularly patrol our beach to keep it clean from rubbish, and the other day we had a group effort with some of our guests helping out! And it really is surprising what you can find hanging around in the rubbish!

Firstly, hiding amongst some sweet wrappers we found 5 or so Sargassum frogfish (Histrio histrio). This isn’t the first time we have found them right on our doorstep – two days ago we watched a large one eat a baby one!! Follow this link to find out more about these unusual frogfish – http://www.flmnh.ufl.edu/fish/gallery/descript/sargassumfish/sargassumfish.html.

The next day as we were picking a stray plastic bottle or two, we came across this big guy!! We have been informed that he is a Dollabella AuriculariaIMG_2406, which is a species of sea hare and grow up to 1.5 metres in length – HUGE!! The ‘hole’ you can see in the middle it is inhalant siphon which draws water into the enclosed mantle cavity. They tend to vary a lot in colour but are mainly see in mottled shades of brown/green, therefore allowing itself to be quite camouflaged,
It is normally found in sheltered bays on sand or mud but we found it sitting on the beach and so quickly took a photo before returning back to the water. I can assume he was not harmed to get this photo!

It was a real group effort cleaning up with Jacob & Kristen from Denmark, Phil & Liz from the UK and Silke & Peter from Austria all giving us a hand! Thank you so much it was really appreciated!

14 Jul / 2010
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In May much of Manado and Bunaken was hit by Conjuctivitus, aka Red eye. This is a very contagious eye infection, and since it is a virus the only remedy is eye drops to stop any secondary bacterial infection. Everyone seemed to get over it fairly quickly (2-5 days) by the use of eye drops or the more tradition local remedy, breast milk!

The infection had been passed through our staff families. The staff were very careful, and it was not passed on to guests on the resort, with the exception of a group of divers who seemed to have contracted it after visiting the village. It didn’t stop them from diving though!

We had hoped that we had seen the back of it, but after hearing reports from around Indonesia and other Asian countries, we were not surprised when a guest from Singapore bought it back to Bunaken last week.

With its return it seems to have favored the guests, and we would like to apologize to any of our guests who have contracted this infection. We are taking all reasonable precautions on the resort and hope this most recent bout will finish in the next couple of days.

30 Apr / 2010
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A non-fishy blog for once!! We wanted to let everyone meet the new addition to the Two Fish family here in Lembeh!! His name is Scubi Bintang and when he is a little bit bigger we’ll start training him to help round the resort – his main area of expertise will be Security but at the moment it is looking very cute and waking Helen and Gizmo up during the night!! Scubi

11 Oct / 2009
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At last our new restaurant is finished – it was started in May 09 and was due to be completed in Aug 09. Like anything in Indonesia things get delayed and we are very happy that it was completed end of Sept 09.

It creates alot more space for guests as the old restaurant has been converted to a relaxing area.


11 Jun / 2009
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standard room renovation We renovated our two standard rooms in Lembeh to make them alot more comfortable. At €18/nt per person (full board) they are great value for money.

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