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20 May / 2017
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Beach clean-upWe started this week with a beach clean-up. In a short period, we filled two and a half bags of rubbish. We try to do this now at least once a week to help keeping Gili Air beautiful. Helpers are of course always welcome!
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Ornate ghost pipefish strikes back in South LombokOur dive guides are great, they are now finding ornate ghost pipefish that were missing last year, as well harlequin shrimp, spiny tiger shrimp, Ambon scorpion fish, Wonderpus and more!
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30 Mar / 2017

DMT Michelle - PoolMowing the pool

If the pool in the resort would have been the yard, I would have mowed the whole area at that time. One of the Divemaster assignments is to be able to demonstrate the confined water skills and one of them is the BCD removal and replacement. The first time I practiced the skills, I used my pocket weights instead of a weight belt. Well, I will never make THAT mistake again…
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Painted frogfish on a super macro huntThis week in South Lombok our favourite find was this little painted frogfish running around on the sand! It has not been the best week for the visibility but that has not stopped the boys going on a super macro hunt, and Alice from the U.K. joined us for a few dives to help in the hunt!
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Roman tells you from her Divemaster trainingHello from Bunaken,
Once I have decided to do my Dive master course I knew it would be tough becouse I haven´t had much diving experience, but I haven´t expected to be that tough! 😀
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