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31 Jan / 2011
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This past Saturday January 29th, Two Fish Divers were invited by the Manado Jetski and Underwater Club in conjunction with the head of the regional police department to their Coral Re-Planting initiative. This great event was made to help contribute to preserving the coral growth in the area just in front of the Club which is a sandy bottom area. The event was a total success! The organization had a few events planned for the day: First, a Jetski race of about 12 jetski´s. Second, the main event: coral re-planting. For this event, approximately 75 divers registered in the main registration desk! And third: a big buffet style lunch with live music!

For coral re-planting, two 20 meters long (approx) of an artificial structure made with iron bars has been built along the slope to help stabilize the slope and to create a base which the coral fragments are tied to attach with the iron bars as the as the support base. Bits and pieces of broken yet living coral were collected for the replanting and restoration purposes. For this event, more than 10 species of coral (hard coral) were used and planted by all the participants teams. This effort has shown that within a month, there are significant changes from this efforts. More marine life can be seen underwater, seeking for food and shelter from the coral that has been planted around the area. We hope that a continuous coral replanting and observation as well monitoring will be taking place from time to time.

We would like to thank the Manado Jetski and Underwater Club for the invitation. Also, many thanks for their efforts to preserve and contribute to marine life, which represents a benefit to the environment and also to the local community (more tourism)

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05 Jun / 2010
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Tec briefing

Tec entry

In mid-May we welcomed back Brendon, our Course Director, for another high season in Bunaken. He is conducting a couple if IDC’s and leading our effort to discover the depths of Bunaken with Tec diving.

The Tec Diving season kicked off with 2 guests completing their PADI Tec Diver course last week. Thijs & Daan are two instructors from Lanta Divers, Koh lanta, Thailand who decided to celebrate the end of their work season with a Tec course and Tec fun-dives to explore the walls of Bunaken to 50m+.

Following the re-development of PADI’s Tec courses, we now offer three Tec courses – Tec 40, Tec 45 and Tec 50. Each of these are 3 day/4 dive courses that introduce divers to advanced diving techniques to 40m, 45m and 50m, and Bunaken is perfect for this with spectacular scenery, 40m viz and more sharks at depths!

Find our more about Tec fun-diving on Bunaken and Tec Diving courses, and watch our for more Tec blogs as we explore more of what Bunaken can offer at the deeper depths.

07 Dec / 2008
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SCWe are pleased to welcome Sybille to the Two Fish team at our resort in Lembeh. She joined us on 5 Dec to look after the cottages, general facilities and resort staff.

Sybille has spent more than 20 years in the travel business and has dived all over Asia, and understands very well  what guests want from a resort.

“Having spent alot of  time as a muck-loving guest at Two Fish Divers in Lembeh, I am incredibly excited to start working here”, Sybille says, “My aim is to ensure that Two Fish is the best budget/mid-range dive resort in Lembeh Straits.”

18 Apr / 2007
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New Staff!!! We had a new addition to our staff when Tina gave birth to our daughter. Rebecca Olwyn Emily Thomas (middle names from both her grand-mothers), was born at 5.30am on 12 April, she weighed 3kg and was 50cm, and both mother and daughter are doing fine. The father is also ok, …

18 Feb / 2007
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We recently taught two of our boatmen to dive. Sem and Agus learnt enough english that they managed to complete all the theory of the PADI Open Water course, and their reward was to complete the rest of the open water course which they completed by the end of Jan 07.

They have also done some of the dives of the PADI Advanced Open Water course, and their aim now is to complete their advanced course and get more dive experience. Our policy is for trainee guides to spend 6 months with the dive guides so they get this experience, they have already done 40-50 dives and guests may see them at the back of a dive group helping to spot those critters.

Nigel @ Two Fish (18/02/07)

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