PADI Tec Deep course – challenge yourself!

PADI Tec Deep Course Indonesia

More and more divers today are feeling an itch to explore more of the underwater world in a responsible way and this is exactly what the PADI Tec Deep Course offers. It is a challenge to any seasoned diver whether he/she is an instructor or experienced advanced open water diver.

This series of blogs takes a closer look at exactly the steps involved in the PADI Tec Deep Course, starting with a look at how the program is structured.

Sidemount diving – try a new configuration when you visit us

Sidemount-Top-ViewIn Feb 2013, Two Fish Divers contracted with Blue Label Diving, a premier PADI/TDI facility for TEC Courses and diving, to run all TEC Diving services at Two Fish Divers locations, under the name Blue Label Diving Indonesia (BLDI).

One of the most important service that BLDI provides is Sidemount Diving – providing courses and diving for recreational use to 40m as well as services for more deeper diving to 100m-plus. When you visit us, you may be interested in our FREE weekly Intro to Tec that we hold at our resorts, or the 2-day/3dive Sidemount Course for only Eu140 (supplement on top of normal accomm/dive package) – and during Jan-Mar 2014 we are running our TEC Promo that gives you 20% discount on all our TEC courses!!

Get married the tec way at 130m deep – how deep is your love?

TEC Instructors Hiro and Sandy are tekkies in Blue Label Diving Indonesia and are based in Bunaken, Indonesia. They are a technical diving duo and provide technical dive training and dives on sidemount, twinsets and rebreathers. They began technical diving in 2009 on rebreathers and open circuit, and then made the switch to teaching tec in 2012.

They love TEC so much that they actually got married at depth of 130 meters. Not only that, they actually exchanged vows, rings and a kiss at 130 meters underwater in a cave in Thailand and set a Guinness World Record for the deepest wedding!

Only women on sidemount!

women in sidemountThe last weeks have all gone under one keyword – planning – despite there being resorts and dive centers on Bunaken and Lembeh the process of getting helium and oxygen in all desired combinations is still quite slow. That in turns means we need to look quite far ahead with our planning (specially for divers wanting to dive deeper on trimix) to have stock of all gases for all dives and all situations.

Tec diving and Tec courses now available in Bunaken & Lembeh!

blue label instructor bunakenWe would like to welcome Markko, our new Tec Instructor/Manager, who arrived in Bunaken last week, and this means that Tec diving and Tec courses are now available in Bunaken & Lembeh!

Markko is from Estonia, he is 30years old and has been diving since he was 16years old. He is a very experienced recreational instructor and has almost reached the level of PADI Master Instructor. He has just spent a month on a technical diving internship in Thailand with Blue Label;s Ben Reymenants developing his technical diving and teaching capabilities.