Twinset or Sidemount – how should you learn to tech dive?

Technical diving with Twinset and Sidemount in BaliThink of technical diving and a picture of a diver in black carrying a heavy twinset comes to mind – pretty similar to the picture here. But think of cave diving and that picture often changes to a sidemount diver.

Both kinds of diving simply simply require different equipment. So far, so good, but what do you choose when you’re looking to get into technical diving? We’ve put together a bit of advice.

We can now make you into a Technical Instructor

Technical diving in Bunaken2017 is off to a fantastic start at Two Fish Tech. Our Tech Instructor/Manager Yvonne recently passed her TDI Instructor Trainer Course and is now TDI’s first (and only) female Instructor Trainer in South East Asia. This means that we are now able to offer technical instructor courses at our Amed, Bali centre.

We can run technical instructor courses at any time of the year with varying durations starting from 2-4 days. So if you are a diving instructor and a technical diver and are interested in teaching tech courses then you can become a technical instructor whenever you want!

Solo Diving Insider – Why, When And How To Dive Alone

Solo Diving courses at Two Fish Tech in Amed, BaliDiving has traditionally been taught and done in teams or with a buddy. The rationale behind this is that adding another person automatically adds safety (as well as enjoyment) to the dive. However, we believe there are exceptions to the rule: situations in which Solo Diving – or knowing how to safely dive on your own – might be a great alternative.

Tech diving discount for dive pros

Off-season technical diving course discounts in AmedAre you a scuba diving pro in Bali, the Gilis or Lombok looking forward to the season slowing down a little? We’ve got the perfect cure for any boredom – come do any technical diving course with us and receive a massive 10% discount as a local dive pro! And there are opportunities for technical fun diving, too!

Preparing for your tech diving course

Preparing for your tech diving courseSo you’ve booked a tech diving course. Whether it’s a few days away, weeks or months, naturally this is a time to get excited – and it’s a time to start preparing for that course.

It doesn’t make a difference if this is your first ever time doing any technical diving or if you’ve tried twinsets and sidemount before, there are a few things you can do right now to make sure you get the most out of your time with your instructor.

Interested in a Bali Tech Safari this November?

Bali Tech Safari November 2016
In November 2016 we are running our inaugral Bali tech safari, a 6-day diving safari taking in the deeper dive sites of Amed, Tulamben, Candidasa and Padang Bai.

If you are a qualified tech diver then our Bali Tech Safari is the perfect chance to get your tech diving fix. If you’re not yet a qualified technical diver then maybe you would like to find out how to join us? Read on to find out what’s happening…

Lots of diving courses this week in Bunaken

Diving courses in BunakenWhile things around the resort calmed down a bit after Easter, our instructors Dion and Yvonne have been busy teaching right across the spectrum of PADI courses for the past few days. They’ve been introducing first time divers to the underwater world, explored shipwrecks and worked with our divemaster trainees to perfect their skills both underwater and on land. And they even managed to re-introduce a guest to the underwater world after a 13 year break who was most impressed by the number and size of turtles on our walls (picture by Alex Schade).

Discovering what Technical diving has to offer

Scott&Robyn doing tec divingRobyn and Scott have been staying with us for a while, and were gently encouraged to discover what technical diving has to offer.

Robyn and Scott are going to take over the management of our sister resort at Lembeh Straits, but whilst all the paperwork is being taken care of, they are taking advantage of the local diving and familiarising themselves with the Two Fish operation: including Tech diving at Bunaken.

Tech try dive in the pool in Bunaken

tec try diveThis week in Tec .. it has been a bit quieter after the holidays which of course means that we offered a Tech try dive in the pool to the resort guests! It being a bit chilly only our hardy Australian guests, Tarn and Cara from Melbourne gave it a go, and I can think of no better indication that they liked the configuration other than the first words out of Tarn’s mouth, “How much is one of these?”

Sidemount diving – try a new configuration when you visit us

Sidemount-Top-ViewIn Feb 2013, Two Fish Divers contracted with Blue Label Diving, a premier PADI/TDI facility for TEC Courses and diving, to run all TEC Diving services at Two Fish Divers locations, under the name Blue Label Diving Indonesia (BLDI).

One of the most important service that BLDI provides is Sidemount Diving – providing courses and diving for recreational use to 40m as well as services for more deeper diving to 100m-plus. When you visit us, you may be interested in our FREE weekly Intro to Tec that we hold at our resorts, or the 2-day/3dive Sidemount Course for only Eu140 (supplement on top of normal accomm/dive package) – and during Jan-Mar 2014 we are running our TEC Promo that gives you 20% discount on all our TEC courses!!

Only women on sidemount!

women in sidemountThe last weeks have all gone under one keyword – planning – despite there being resorts and dive centers on Bunaken and Lembeh the process of getting helium and oxygen in all desired combinations is still quite slow. That in turns means we need to look quite far ahead with our planning (specially for divers wanting to dive deeper on trimix) to have stock of all gases for all dives and all situations.