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In Feb 2013, Two Fish Divers contracted with Blue Label Diving, a premier PADI/TDI facility for TEC Courses and diving, to run all TEC Diving services at Two Fish Divers locations, under the name Blue Label Diving Indonesia (BLDI).

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Blue Label Diving Indonesia (BLDI) runs all TEC Diving services at Two Fish Divers locations in Indonesia. It is both a PADI TECREC center and TDI dive center and dedicated to providing quality PADI & TDI Technical Diving Courses and internships in Indonesia, technical diving in Indonesia, and Technical Expeditions to all corners of Indonesia. We support back-mount, side-mount an rebreather divers. Our rental equipment covers all configurations, and we have a Poseiden MK6 and Megalodon that are available for rent to certified divers.

Blue Label Philosophy – technical divers have a reputation of being massive, hardcore and tough guys that did their courses through military like training. Yes it used to be this way but we believe that whats important in tech diving is the extensive and high level of professionalism and safety. This is what makes a good Tech Diver. “We want our customers to get the best, safest and most professional Tech Training available and become part of the Blue Label family”.

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/// Experienced Instructors

Dominic has been working in the diving industry for the past 6 years, and this has taken him around Thailand, Philippines, Mozambique and now Bunaken, Indonesia. Essentially a warm water diver, he has also braved the cold in temperate waters off Tasmania, done commercial dive training in Durban and dived fresh water caves in both Mexico and Thailand.

Dominic is a full cave diver with TDI and IANTD, Poseiden MK6 Rebreather diver, Advanced Trimix with TDI, and an IMCA offshore surface supply air diver, chamber operator and dive medic. He teaches technical diving in both PADI and TDI.
Ben Reymenants Tec Diving Indonesia
The founder of Blue Label Diving, Ben Reymenants, has been involved in technical diving for more than 20 years, he is a renowned cave diver/explorer, and holds the world record for the deepest dive on a rebreather. Ben can teach all tec courses in 5 different languages. He is a technical Diving instructor Trainer for PADI, SSI, TDI and IART for all levels and his highest level is Instructor Trainer for CCR Cave Level IV. Ben’s CCR expertise are the Megalodon, The Pathfinder and the Poseidon MKVI (MKVI down to 60 meters).

Ben is based in Phuket, Thailand and comes over regularly to teach the advanced trimix courses. We can also make special arrangements to book at our locations on request, subject to availability. Find out more about Ben and his passion for tec diving.

/// Introduction to TEC

We run FREE Intro to TEC at our resorts in Bunaken and Lembeh where guests can try sidemount and twin sets.

Check out this video of a TEC INTRO that we ran at Atlantis Dive Center, Sanur, Bali. Over 2 days, we “introduced” more than 30divers to sidemount diving and Poseiden MK6 rebreathers. Great fun!!


/// What is TEC?

Broadly speaking, TEC diving can be grouped into Soft-TEC diving and Hard-TEC diving.

Soft-TEC diving is only aimed at recreational divers and includes:

  • Sidemount Diving – having a tank on each side is a lot more stream-lined and comfortable, and the extra gas is ideal for photographers wanting to stay longer as well as those gas-guzzlers. Its also good for those with bad backs because the weight is distributed more evenly and you can easily put-on/take-off your gear in the water
  • Solo Diving – learn how to be self-reliant, perfect for those photographers who like to sit in one place for ages. It can also be combined with Sidemount Diving to give the extra gas!
  • Nitrox Diving – ideal for staying for longer at that ship-wreck, but is also used for added safety and less tiredness
  • Rebreather Diving – fish and underwater life are not scared away when you have no bubbles, so you can get up closer with that camera!

You do not need to be experienced divers for these soft-TEC courses/diving styles, they are for Open Water and Advanced divers who just want to dive a different way.

Its the hard-TEC diving that is for those who want to do more exploration-type diving and/or deeper, and includes:

  • Advanced Nitrox and Decompression Diving – using open circuit or rebreathers, this type of diving takes you beyond the recreational limits to 55/60m
  • Trimix Diving – using open circuit or rebreathers, you can add an extra gas to go deeper still, beyond the 75m level
  • Wreck and Cave Diving – using open circuit or rebreathers, with or without trimix, diving in overhead environments where few have been before – a bit like exploring mount everest!

/// TEC Diving in Indonesia

All our locations in Bunaken, Lembeh and Lembongan are great for tec diving.
There are some very good reasons to Tec dive around Bunaken:

  • The dive sites are only 10mins away
  • Walls around Bunaken drop to more than 600m, and visibility is 25m even at 75m+ depth.
  • The water temperature around Bunaken is 29C making for fantastic reef life – Bunaken Island is considered to be one of the most diverse marine environments on the planet.
  • The larger animals such as sharks & mantas like colder water. There are occasional sightings of these animals by our guests, so they are here, however they are found at the deeper levels 55-70m where the water is colder (25C).
  • Coelecanth fish at 90-120m, exploration trips are run regularly
  • We believe that there are also some undiscovered deep-water pinnacles and submerged islands which may offer some fantastic diving, and we will be doing some exploration of the area to find them. We are extremely excited about this as no one has ever done this type of exploration in the area before!

This area is mainly dived as muck diving, and photographers will find sidemount and rebreather diving appealing due to longer bottom times, more gas and great up-close encounters to marine life.

However, Lembeh also has some pinnacles and wrecks to explore. There are also large parts of Lembeh that are unexplored at the deeper depths, and we believe that there are also some undiscovered deep-water pinnacles and submerged islands that offer some fantastic diving.

We do not yet offer Tec diving in Lembongan

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