/// CCR Rebreather Diving

/// CCR Rebreather Diving Indonesia

Think rebreathers are just for technical diving? Think again because the latest rebreathers are lightweight, easy-transportable units that use sophisticated electronics to simplify their use. Rebreathers allow longer no-decompression limits, reduced gas consumption and unmatched wildlife encounters.

CCR Rebreather Diving Courses

There are two courses available:

  1. the entry-level CCR Rebreather course allows you to dive to a depth of 30m
  2. the deco course allows you to dive to an extended range of 45m with decompression


CCR Rebreather Diving

If you are looking for somewhere to try CCR rebreather diving, you have come to the right place. Many of our guests who have tried CCR rebreather diving become an avid CCR rebreather divers. There are many other ways to dive, but CCR rebreather is the only way to experience underwater world as part of the environment, when you dive with CCR Rebreather there are no bubbles, so underwater inhabitants are not scared or disturbed by your presence, and therefore a whole new world can be discovered with CCR rebreather.

We have SORB available for those that want to bring their own rebreathers, and we have Megalodon and Poseiden MK6 available for rent.

At both Bunaken & Lembeh, we have TEC Instructors that can buddy rebreather divers on extended trimix dives to 100m and beyond.

Tec Diving Prices

less than 40m (recreational dives) EUR5/dive
40-50m EUR35/dive
50-75m EUR45/dive
80-100m EUR110/dive
100-120m EUR130/dive

These prices are supplement to normal dive/accommodation prices. All dives deeper than 40m include the following services: TEC Buddy to accompany you, gas blending and booster pump, advice with gas/deco planning, etc.

Oxygen 6l EUR8/fill
EAN50 8l EUR5/fill
EAN22-40 12l EUR4/fill
CCR tanks 2x3l EUR10/day (incl fills)
Scrubber EUR12.20/kg
Poseiden CCR Scrubber EUR75/2 canisters
Helium EUR0.05/l

Twin 12l/10l tanks with manifold EUR10/day
Backplate & wing (OMS) EUR15/day
Diverite Nomad XT / LT sidemount harness EUR15/day
Regulator set for twinset/sidemount (Apeks) EUR15/day
Backplate & wing + regs for twinset EUR25/day
Bailout / stage / O2 regulator and straps (Aqualung, Scubapro) EUR10/day
Poseiden MKVI CCR (incl scrubber) EUR40/dive

Gentle reminder – due to the remote location please book well ahead so that we can make sure that there’s all the needed equipment and gases available for you!
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