/// Open Circuit Diving

/// Open Circuit Diving

Open circuit diving uses the full technical diving equipment configuration of twin banded tanks with side-slung stage tanks.

Bunaken is the main area for open circuit diving as the walls offer very dramatic drop-offs to 600m that are less than 5mins from the resort. As this is diving beyond recreational limits of 30m, you will need to make use of our TEC Instructor to act as Tec buddy and there are additional fees for this, see below.

Our Tec Instructor is a certified trimix diver so he can organise/buddy you on extended extended trimix dives to 100m. Gentle reminder – due to our remote location please book well in advance so we can make sure that there is all the needed equipment and gasses available for you.

open circuit diving

/// Tec Diving Prices

Tec Guide Fee for Deco or CCR Dives to 50m EUR22/dive
Tec Guide Fee for Deco or CCR Dives to 100m* EUR55/dive

These prices are supplement to normal dive prices/packages.
* Helium for guide NOT included

Oxygen 9l EUR8/fill
EANx50 to 80 11l EUR5/fill
EAN22-40 11l EUR4/fill
Helium EUR0.05/l
CCR tanks 2x3l (air & O2 fills included) EUR10/day (incl fills)
Twinset 11l with manifold (air fills included) EUR5/day (incl fills)
Extra sidemount tank EUR5/tank
Self-packing scrubber EUR12/kg
Poseiden CCR Sofnolime cartridges EUR75/2 canisters

These prices are supplement to normal dive prices/packages.

Backplate, harness & wing EUR12/day
Sidemount harness EUR12/day
Back Regs / Sidemount Regs EUR12/day
Backplate, harness & wing + 2 Regs EUR20/day
Sidemount harness + 2 Regs EUR20/day
Bailout / stage tank with O2 clean Reg EUR7/day
Poseiden MKVI CCR complete unit* EUR30/day
Megalodon CCR complete unit* EUR30/day

* Includes Tanks, Scrubber NOT included

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