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Trimix allows divers to explore greater depths
without a high level of nitrogen narcosis


5 days/6 dives – IDR 12,000,000 plus Helium

Diving to depths beyond 50 m incurs a high level of nitrogen narcosis and diving with Trimix (a combination of helium, oxygen and nitrogen) rather than air helps divers avoid this. On this course, divers learn to plan and execute decompression dives using normoxic trimix (18-21% oxygen content) to a maximum depth of 60 m.

This is taking your decompression diving to a whole new level and apart from discovering the benefits of Trimix diving, you will also learn to plan and execute dives using two different decompression gases.

The TDI Trimix Diver course is open to students after their Decompression Procedures (or PADI Tec45) course, assuming they have at least 100 logged dives.


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