/// Guided Open Circuit Diving

/// Guided Open Circuit Diving

Perfect for qualified technical divers who wish to discover the walls of Bunaken or the sloping reefs of north-east Bali – or simply want to gain more experience beyond their technical diving courses: we offer guided open circuit diving at our tech centre in Amed and our resort in Bunaken.

Bunaken’s walls feature dramatic drop-offs to depths of up to 600 m within 5 minutes of our resort. Amed and Tulamben are well known for recreational diving, but the deeper side of those reefs remains largely undiscovered, leaving plenty of options to explore.

To dive either location beyond recreational depths of 30m, you will be accompanied by one of our tech instructors or guides. They will also help with dive planning, equipment configuration and gas management in preparation of your dive. There are additional fees for this, see below.

In Bunaken, we currently offer open circuit guiding on air to 50 m. Gentle reminder – due to our remote location, please book any technical diving well in advance, so we can make sure all the gases and equipment needed are available for you.

In Amed, our tech instructor is also qualified as a hypoxic trimix diver and can accompany you to depths of 100m. Whilst equipment and gases are more easily available here, early booking still helps.

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/// Tec Diving Prices

Tech diving package

Our Amed and Bunaken centres offer a straight forward package for guided technical diving for qualified technical divers, including:

  • 2 morning dives – one decompression and one shallow with a one-hour surface interval in between
  • Tech guiding for both dives to a maximum of 55m
  • Equipment (twinset or sidemount tanks, backplate, wing and harness, back gas regulators, deco tank with rigging, O2 clean deco reg)
  • Gases – one twinset or 2 single tank fills of air as back gas and one deco tank of EAN 50
Cost: IDR 2,500,000 per diver per day (or a supplement of IDR 1,500,000 if you have already booked a diving package with us)

Additional options

  • 2 decompression dives per day – one in the morning and one in the afternoon: supplement of IDR 150,000 per diver per day plus any additional gas fills
  • Additional gases: we recommend that divers diving to 50 m and beyond use both EAN 50 and 100% O2 for decompression. Contact us for up to date rates for deco gases
  • Trimix diving: please contact us for a quote
  • Technical guiding to 60 m in Bunaken: additional supplement of IDR 150,000 per diver per dive and to 100 m in Bali: additional supplement of IDR 300,000 per diver per dive on top of your technical diving cost plus cost of Helium for the guide

Contact us about Tec Diving

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