/// CCR Rebreather Diving

/// CCR Rebreather Diving Indonesia

Our dive centers in Amed, Bunaken and Lembeh are rebreather friendly and are part of the PURE network. In all three locations we offer:

  • Self-packing Sofnolime scrubber for purchase
  • Rental of 2 liter (Amed only) and 3 liter (all locations) tanks with inline and 90 degree valves
  • 100% O2 fills, boosted to 200 bar on request
  • Our dive guides and boat crew are used to CCR rebreather divers
  • CCR rental: in Amed, CCR rental for various units can be arranged on request.

/// Recreational Diving with CCR Rebreather in Amed, Bunaken & Lembeh

As these are normal recreational dives, CCR Rebreather divers join our normal diving schedule which consists of:

  • 2 x morning dives with max dive times of 75 minutes, and a 60 minute surface interval
  • optional afternoon dives with max dive times of 75mins
  • optional night dives with max dive time 60mins

Please note – As we organise dive groups according to experience levels of divers with a max ratio of 4 divers/1 dive guide, CCR Rebreather divers may be mixed with non-CCR Rebreather divers, unless you have requested your own OC dive guide at additional cost.

/// CCR Guided Diving in Amed and Bunaken

To dive beyond recreational limits of 30m you will be accompanied by our tech instructor or guide. They will also help you with dive planning, equipment configuration and gas management in preparation for your dive. There are additional fees for this, see below.

In Bunaken, our tech guide can accompany you on his own JJ CCR to a maximum depth of 45 m or on open circuit to 60m. In Amed, our tech instructor is a trained TDI Advanced Trimix diver and can accompany you on open circuit to a maximum depth of 100 m or on AP Inspiration / Evolution to 48 m.

If you wish to dive longer than 75 minutes or split dives between morning and afternoon, please let us know. Packages can be tailored to your requests.

Gentle reminder – if you are planning on diving with trimix in Amed please book well in advance so we can make sure that there is all the needed equipment and gasses available for you.

/// CCR Diving Prices

Supplements in addition to diving packages

  • CCR tank hire with air diluent and O2 fill: from IDR 180,000 per day (Bunaken / Lembeh) or IDR 200,000 per day (Amed)
  • Bailout air tank with rigging: IDR 40,000
  • Bailout air tank with rigging and regulator: IDR 40,000 per day
  • Self-packing scrubber (diving grade 797): IDR 200,000 per kg OR Poseidon pre-packed cartridges on request
  • CCR guiding to 45 m (Bunaken) and 48 m (Amed): IDR 350,000 per standard dive (maximum dive time 75 minutes), minimum charge two dives per day

Please contact us with your specific requirements and dive plans for a tailored quote.

Please note: If you are not diving with a CCR guide, you will be limited to our recreational open circuit diving limit of 30 m and are expected to follow an open circuit dive profile.

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CCR rebreather diving
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