Amazing week in Bunaken with the Dugong

What an amazing week in Bunaken! We had sunshine and calm seas the whole week and one amazing creature after the other was spotted! At Mandolin we saw four Dugongs in the shallows including a baby Dugong! At Fukui we had the nice surprise of a Mola Mola which gently cruised by! And to top…

orangutan crab

Orangutan Crab is a cool sighting in Bunaken

We see Orangutan crab or Achaeus japonicus quite regularly and they are always cool critters when they wave with their little claws. You find them usually in bubble coral or anemone’s. They have relatively longs arms and are reddish or brown and quite often have a bit of debris stuck on their hairy arms. We had a…

The Nembrotha Cristata Simply Delights in Lembeh

The Nembrotha Cristata Simply Delights in Lembeh

The Nembrotha Cristata was just one of the Nudibranchs to delight our guests in Lembeh this week. This particular one resembles an old English Gentleman, with a large drooping moustache! We have some crazy, beautiful Nudibranchs here in Lembeh and this great shot was captured by our guests, Victor and Lynn. Nembrotha Cristata are from…

Join us for wreck diving in Truk Lagoon!

We are  organising our first international Two Fish diving trip to offer you a fantastic 12 days of wreck diving in Truk Lagoon, Micronesia in November 2018! Truk Lagoon is simply the world’s best wreck diving. It is home to 60 WWII wrecks lying in depths of 20 – 70 metres. This trip is perfect…

An lovely gallery of Amed critters

Amed CrittersA photo speaks a thousand words, so here’s over ten thousand words as we show you a lovely gallery of Amed critters photos taken by our guest Olly Tindall.  Olly was here for a few days last week diving with our guide Baron – Baron found the creatures and Olly took these awesome photos. Thanks for the photos Olly and hope to see you again soon.


So, how many of these species you can identify??

Interested in a Bali Tech Safari this November?

Bali Tech Safari November 2016
In November 2016 we are running our inaugral Bali tech safari, a 6-day diving safari taking in the deeper dive sites of Amed, Tulamben, Candidasa and Padang Bai.

If you are a qualified tech diver then our Bali Tech Safari is the perfect chance to get your tech diving fix. If you’re not yet a qualified technical diver then maybe you would like to find out how to join us? Read on to find out what’s happening…

Diving with the stars

IMG_1228 Diving with the stars this week in south lombok we have the guys from Trans TV here shooting a movie “my trip my adventure”. All the staff were very excited when the stars of the movie arrived at the dive center especially Husnul our office girl, who i thought was going to faint when i got 1 of the stars david to take a picture with her [i think she had a bit of a crush on him]. Two of our dive guides also went out with the film crew to help out with some of the diving  and they were very happy hanging around with the movie stars all day.

7 reasons to dive at our new Amed dive center!!

New: Two Fish Divers’ AMED DIVE CENTER!

Bali-Lombok-LocationsTwo Fish Divers are proud to announce the opening of our new Amed dive center, on the East coast of Bali, so now you can dive Amed on your Indonesian Dive Safari! Very close to fantastic scuba diving and away from the hustle and bustle of the southern Bali resorts, we couldn’t be happier to be here in beautiful Amed.

Over the last few months the team has been working hard at building our Two Fish Divers Amed dive center, one which lives up to the standard we’ve set with our other amazing dive locations and resorts across Indonesia. We are now ready for you and we are offering a discount of 20% if you book in advance with us to stay & dive in Amed, Bali throughout March/April 2016!

Prices in indonesian rupiah: see what you need to know

government makes indonesian rupiah mandatoryAll our prices are changing to Indonesian rupiah (IDR) from 1 Jan 2016. This is to comply with a new law that all companies have to price products in Indonesian rupiah (IDR).

The Indonesian government issued this new law on 31 March 2015, hoping that this will support/boost the value of IDR. The law came into effect on 1 July 2015 but a 6month grace period was given for companies to comply with this law. This means that all companies have to comply by 1 Jan 2016 or risk penalties that include fines and bans from trading.

Moving to the Indonesian rupiah will have a small impact on making deposits and payments with us, and this post describes what you need to know.

As the Indonesian rupiah is an uncommon currency, we also thought that we would provide you with some background information to help you survive your holidays with the Indonesian rupiah!

Planning dive trips to Indonesia

planning-dive-trips-to-IndonesiaWe often get emails from people who are planning dive trips to Indonesia and want to know where the best places for diving are, and what we can suggest for a 8-10 day stay. This is actually very hard to provide, its like asking to give suggestions for a 8-10 day stay for skiing in europe!

However, we can provide some of the considerations that you need to take into account when you are planning dive trips to Indonesia, and we can provide some recommendations based on this.

sharks and mantas at the singapore aquarium

sea aquarium singapore aquariumIf you have a few hours to kill in Singapore and want to see some sharks and mantas, then take a visit to the Singapore aquarium on Sentosa. Regardless of your conservation views, we really think it was worth it after we took a visit with our kids (aged 4 and 6) and had a great day out.

Yes we live in Bunaken and have access to the reefs of the park any time we want, BUT we do not have a shark tunnel, every kind of ray in the worlds largest aquarium or a chance to eat lunch whilst viewing mantas!

Singapore Airlines and SilkAir increase their baggage allowance

singapore airlines increase baggage allowanceNot sure if everyone noticed, but in mid-Nov 2013 Singapore Airlines and SilkAir announced that they were increasing their baggage allowance for all flights by 10kg across all classes. For flights to and from the United States or Brazil, where a piece allowance applies, customers traveling in Singapore Airlines Suites, First Class and Business Class will be entitled to check in two pieces of luggage of up to 32kg each.