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When you visit us, why not take advantage of the low prices for dive equipment in Indonesia?

At Two Fish Shop we can supply the popular makes of Suunto computers, and soon we will be able to supply some limited Aqualung dive equipment.

How to Order: We carry limited stock so please email us to make sure we have stock when you arrive, or allow for 3 days delivery when you are here.

Please note: Prices can change without notice

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/// Dive Computer Prices


With transmitter and digital compass, it combines all dive critical information in one instrument on your wrist – depth, time, tank pressure, deco status, direction, etc.
TFD Price:- US$1,111 w/o transmitter, US$1,372 w/transmitter


A full-decompression two mix dive computer with electronic compass.
TFD Price:- US$820 with elastomer strap


Easy-to-use wristop dive computer with innovative free-dive mode.
TFD Price:- US$535 (avialable in white, pink, red, blue, yellow)


Advanced mixed-gas dive computer for technical divers (holds 3xgas mixes, changeable underwater)
TFD Price:- US$895

Vytec DS

State-of-the-art decompression computer with gas-switching and wireless pressure transmission.
TFD Price:- US$530 w/o transmitter, US$855 w/transmitter


Technology and design that exceed the highest standards. Air, Nitrox, Free/Gauge and watch in one rock-solid package.
TFD Price:- US$620 std/grey dive strap


TFD Price: EUR185 ONLY!


Ingenious Air, Nitrox and Gauge instrument with air integration. All the information for a successful dive at your fingertips.
TFD Price:- US$581

Vyper wrist

Advanced Air, Nitrox and Gauge instrument. Rugged and re liable with excellent readability.
TFD Price:- US$354


A great value, easy to operate dive computer, and still can be used with both air and nitrox.
TFD Price:- US$300

For full technical details of Suunto computers, check out the Suunto web site.

Prices effective from 15 January 2011, subject to change without prior notice.

All prices have been changed to US$ because the Suunto dealer charges in US$, and the Euro continues to fall.

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