Amazing hairy shrimp in Bunaken and baby cuttlefish in Lembeh

hairy shrimp bunakenWelcome to our weekly round-up #14, April/May 2014. This is the week of some great macro life in Bunaken with a picture of amazing hairy shrimp – thanks Vanessa and Marco for the photo!

In Lembeh we’ve seen quite a few TINY Flamboyant Cuttlefish which must mean that some of the eggs that we’ve been seeing on several sites have hatched. And in Lembongan we’ve had lots of Manta’s but also an off-seson Mola came to say hi.

Blue ribbon eels in Lembongan and Purple Halimeda Ghost Pipefish in Bunaken

cuttlefish in Lembeh 19JAN14Weekly Summary #8, Jan 2014

Welcome to our weekly round-up. Famous last words last week after saying that the weather was getting better, Manado got hit by a huge storm that produced some floods and landslides that were pretty devastating. Despite that we had some good diving as long as we were careful with the dive sites, and we hope for Manado’s sake that the weather outlook will be better.

Silky and thresher sharks in Bunaken and mating Hairy Octopus in Lembeh

boxer crab bunaken 31DEC13Weekly Summary #6, Jan 2014

Welcome to our weekly round-up, first one of 2014! Good luck with all your new year resolutions, lets hope one of them is to do more diving.

* In the Critter Corner, if you saw this red lip batfish, it would definitely make you want to kiss it!
* In the Tec Corner, Gerard visited us for some tec diving, and we finished the year with a dive to 100m

Weekly diving round-up: silky and thresher sharks were seen in Bunaken, we found mating Hairy Octopus (octopi?) in Lembeh, and it’s definitely the season for Triggerfish in Lembongan!

An XMas mola in Lembongan and 10 Ambon scorpionfish on one dive in Lembeh

ambon scorpionfish 28DEC13Weekly Summary #5, Dec 2013

Welcome to our weekly round-up, last one of 2013! We hope that you had a great XMas last week, followed up with a great New Year.


  • why not visit the sharks and manta’s the next time you are in Singapore
  • On the critter front, we had a Frogfish-tastic week in Lembeh, but what is a frogfish?

Weekly diving round-up: divers had a great experience with dolphins in Bunaken, we had 10 Ambon scorpionfish on one dive in Lembeh, and for Christmas we had a nice present with the visit of santa Mola Mola in SD Point in Lembongan!

Whale shark in Bunaken and a Frogfish-tastic week in Lembeh

white tip shark lembongan 19DEC13Weekly Summary #4, Dec 2013

TEC is back in Bunaken!! Hiro & Sandy, our tec instructors, arrived and got straight to work. In travel news, Lembongan was voted the 2nd best island in Asia! And on the conservation front, we highlight Shark Savers campaign to protect Manta Rays.

Weekly diving round-up: a whale shark was spotted in Bunaken, we’ve had a Frogfish-tastic week in Lembeh, and we’ve had some good sightings of white-tip sharks in Lembongan.

Plenty of turtles in Bunaken and still Mola Molas in Lembongan

Paddle rhinopiasWeekly Summary #3, Dec 2013

Our critter corner explores Rhinopias: divers get very excited about them when they see them in Lembeh, but what is a Rhinopias?

On the conservation front, more good news for sharks as China bans shark-fin dinners for officials.

We also have news about Singapore Airlines and SIlk Air increasing their baggage allowance, which is good news for divers with lots of dive gear!

Weekly round-up: the two Rhinopias are still around in Lembeh, we are heaps of turtles in Bunaken, and those pesky Mola Molas are still around in Lembongan – don’t they know its out of season?

Two new Rhinopias in Lembeh and lots of Mola Mola in Lembongan

Our critter corner explores Mola Mola: We saw 7 Manta’s and 5 Mola Mola in one day in Lembongan, so we thought we would find out Just what is a Mola Mola?

On the conservation front, Shark Savers are doing amazing work in their Campaign to Stop Shark Fin Soup.

Weekly round-up: we just found two new Rhinopias in Lembeh, we are finding lots of pontohi in Bunaken, and the Mola Molas are still around in Lembongan.