Dive Against Debris!

“Dive against debris!” That was my project for my Project Aware specialty in my DM course. I organized the afternoon dive to be a fun and free dive for all guests here at Two Fish to help us go clean up the bottom of the sea! It was great!

Happy Fish

This week in Lembeh …. we have been cleaning up the oceans and leaving happy fish to enjoy cleaner waters. A Dive against debris organized by Georgia, as part of her DMT course,  got the whole resort including all guests involved in helping our oceans. It was a great success and we want to thank…


Plastic bag vs turtle

This week in Bunaken… With the new year still young we got a reminder that it is more important than ever to look after our oceans and the amazing creatures who call it their home. Cara and Tarn from Australia enjoyed a dive with plenty of turtles around as usual here in Bunaken. Cara spotted a…