DMT Cleanup team

DMT House Reef Cleanup and Dive Against Debris®️

Project AWARE (‘Aquatic World Awareness, Responsibility and Education’) is a nonprofit organization originally established in 1989 by PADI that works with volunteer scuba divers acting in their own community around the world to protect the ocean, with two main areas of focus: shark conservation and marine debris. In the scope of Project AWARE’s flagship citizen-science…

Nudibranch in Lembeh

Anemone Eating Nudibranch in Lembeh

Nudibranch in Lembeh We have sea slugs galore in Lembeh Strait and to celebrate their incredible diversity we’d like to introduce this week’s featured nudibranch: the Anemone-eating Nudibranch (Baeolidia moebii). Anemones are predatory animals belonging to the phylum Cnidaria which means they contain stinging cells called nematocysts (same as with hydroids and jellyfish).  Does this…