Pinnate Spadefish | Two Fish Divers Amed

This Juvenile Pinnate Spadefish on Banana Point was amazing !

This Juvenile Pinnate Spadefish on Banana Point was amazing! It’s basically the reaction everybody had after this dive on Banana Point. Lubomir and Denisa, two students taking their Advanced Open Water Course with instructor Ezekiel were very pleased this beautiful fish has been spotted during the Adventure Dive Nitrox of their Advanced course. The juvenile…

Turtle Paradise | Two Fish Divers Gili Air

Turtle, Tortuga, Kura kura, Tortue, Schildkröte

Turtle Paradise! That’s exactly what divers can expect while diving in Gili Air. Every time we take new divers to our favorite dive sites we can see their smile underwater when they watch the green sea turtles or the hawksbill turtles living around the three Gilis. Especially last week Alex and Alice did successfully their…

Rhinopias are Back in Lembeh

Rhinopias are Back in Lembeh!

Rhinopias are especially rare and amazing species of scorpionfish and they are back in Lembeh! Their name comes from Greek “rhino” meaning nose and “ops” meaning appearance in reason of their extremely curved snout. There are 6 different species of Rhinopias in the world and 2 can be found in the Indonesian waters: the paddle-flap…