Shaun The Sheep in Lembeh

Nudibranch – Shaun The Sheep in Lembeh

Affectionately named after the children cartoon character, the “Shaun The Sheep” Nudi is a firm favourite of beginner and advanced divers alike. These nudibranchs are more than just a cute little creature. Shauns (Costasiella kuroshimae) are not your usual nudibranch, but in fact can be classed as a “solar powered nudi”. They are found on…


Family Dive Vacations

Family dive vacations – you may have heard the saying, “families that dive together, stay together”. Diving is such an incredible activity but sharing it with the ones you love makes it that much better. It creates memorable live changing experiences that familes can do together. Create purposeful family vacation memories. Diving challenges kids in…