unicorn fish

The Unicorn Fish in Lembongan that changes color

This week on Lembongan some of our guests spotted one of the most unique looking fish on the planet, the Unicorn Fish. The unicorn fish has a long horn that protrudes from the top of its head but biologists are unsure of the purpose of it. It isn’t used as a weapon or swimming aid,…


Amazing week in Bunaken with the Dugong

What an amazing week in Bunaken! We had sunshine and calm seas the whole week and one amazing creature after the other was spotted! At Mandolin we saw four Dugongs in the shallows including a baby Dugong! At Fukui we had the nice surprise of a Mola Mola which gently cruised by! And to top…


Amazing Wobbegong shark in Manta Point, Lembongan

This week in Lembongan some of our guests had an amazing dive at Manta Point and discovered a pretty rare species of sharks: a Wobbegong. Wobbegongs are bottom-dwelling sharks and pretty hard to spot, because they are very well camouflaged and rest on sea floors or hide under rocks. Their symmetrical pattern resembles a carpet…

Mimic Octopus

Mimic Octopus, House Reef, Muck Diving, Amed, Bali

This week in Amed, we encountered the very in demand Mimic Octopus; a “must-have” subject for underwater photographers, our specialty here in Amed. It holds this name because of its ability to impersonate other local species by changing its skin color and texture and literally blend with its environment. All thanks to what is called the…