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Earn points when dive or do a Course. Get free dives & Dive Discounts on Repeat Visits.

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Two Fish loyalty program

Our Scuba Tribe loyalty program will reward our loyal guests with fee dives, as well as life-long diving discounts.

Why have a loyalty program?

We frequently get guests visiting more than one of our locations in the same holiday, as well as guests returning to us over a number of years to visit our different locations on different holidays. We even have some guests who return to their favourite locations again and again over many years – the current record is minimum 4weeks every year since 2002!!

All guests can now earn points when they dive or do a course with us, and you will earn 1 FREE dive for every 10 points that you earn. There are also benefits & discounts available on all repeat visits based on the total number of points earned, and these are available for life!

Partner Program

We are also running a Partner Program with other dive centers. We have chosen other well-run operations that offer diving in areas where we do not operate, and customers can earn 50% points for nights and dives that they book through us at these resorts!!

We will be expanding this program to other diving locations with different dive centers, giving you more choice for diving Indonesia.

This truly means that you can get the best diving in Indonesia by booking through us!!

Scuba Tribe Loyalty Program rewards for divers

Two Fish Scuba Tribe loyalty program

Rewarding you, our loyal guests

Loyalty Program earn points

Earning points

We will give you points for every dive and course that you do with us.

Diving 1
Points Earned
1 dive (morning, afternoon or night)
Points Earned
Open Water Course
Advanced Course
Rescue Course
Speciality courses
Divemaster 2
Instructor-level 2

1 Points are not awarded for any free dives.

2 No pts/dives are added, BUT you will be put into the top Whale Tier, giving you 20% discount on all future dives with us (see Tier Benefits below).

Loyalty Program redeem points


You will get the following benefits.

Free dives 1
Points Needed
1 Free Dive
Course Discounts
Do any course – Open Water, Advanced, Rescue and Divemaster
10% off your next course

1 Free dives can only be taken with another full-paying guest on board, ie we cannot take you alone for a free dive.
2 One Free dive can be redeemed at a location after every 2 full-paid dives, for example:
– if you dive with us for 2 morning dives in Amed then you can take 1 Free afternoon or night dive;
– if you dive with us for 4 morning dives over 2 days in South Lombok then you can take 2 Free afternoon or night dives;
– if you dive with us for 1 dawn dive and 2 morning-dives in Bunaken then one of the morning dives will be a Free dive.
Any points balance left can be used at the next location/when you visit us again.

Tier Levels & Benefits

Tiers whale shark fin

The Scuba Tribe rewards system will have four tiers with some really cool names:

Bamboo Shark
Reef Shark
Tiger Shark
Whale Shark

0 to 9 dives
10 to 49 dives
50 to 99 dives
100+ dives

Having these tiers means that we can reward our most loyal customers with some great benefits!!


Bamboo Shark
0 dives
Reef Shark
10 dives
Tiger Shark
50 dives
Whale Shark
100+ dives
Free scuba review (in case you have not dived for while!)
Free equipment rental 1
Automatic accommodation Upgrade 2
Diving Discount


FOR LIFE! When you reach these tiers you are there for life, you do not go down if you spend your points. You also do not lose your tier level if you have not visited us for a few years, so you are our customer for life!! 

1 Applies to regular equipment including wetstuit, fins, booties (if applicable), mask, regulator & BCD.

2 Only with our own accommodation or selected accommodation booked by us.

Extra Free Dives!!

One big benefit of the Loyalty Program is our special offers. We will give you a Free dive on your birthday, for referring a friend, and for diving with us on special occasions.

Refer a friend
1 free Dive!!
Happy Birthday
1 free Dive!!
Dive with us on International Women’s Dive Day
1 free Dive!!

We’ll also be running some special promotions such as “Double-points” that we will announce in our newsletters.

Automated Loyalty System

Loyalty Program automated system

Our Loyalty Program is automated.

We have an online system where we can register every customer as a member of our loyalty system. When you check-out after your stay with us, we will log your activities and the system will award the points to your account according to the above tables.

Similarly, we will log any rewards that you take, and the system will deduct the appropriate points from your account.

How do I keep track of my points?

The online system will send you email notifications whenever points are added or deducted so you can keep track of everything. You will also receive a regular email that summarises your points & benefits.

What about previous guest not yet on the loyalty program?

We have been operating for 20years but have only been running the loyalty program for the last few years, there will therefore be returning guests who are not yet on the system.

When these guests wish to book a return trip with us (min 3days) we’ll work out their tier level based on the number of previous visits, and we’ll give you the applicable diving discount on the current booking, as below.

For example, if a guest has been with us 3times already then we’ll make them a Reef Shark and give a 10% diving discount on their current booking, and they will also get a FREE Scuba Review (if needed)!

1 time
Bamboo Shark
0% discount
2-4 times
Reef Shark
10% discount
5-6 times
Tiger Shark
15% discount
7+ times
Whale Shark
20% discount

To help us calculate your tier level we would need you to let us know how many times you have visited, and we would also need you to send us your previous booking vouchers for confirmation of your visits.

start earning rewards now

We hope to see you all in one of our locations soon!!

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